Tobago’s reverse osmosis system has the most technologically advanced solution for desalinating water

Thanks to the best available technologies, Tobago is able to make the most of marine re- sources, not only producing drinking water through Reverse Osmosis, but simultaneously also hot sanitary water and cold water for the air conditioning system.   Using sea water and solar energy (available also an option…

Germany: sky-high prices will not slow the energy transition down

“Energiewende“: this is the German word which literally means energy transition. But it is not just a word, Energiewende is also a German program which designed to reach ambitious goals in terms of renewable energy production. Germany has always been one of the most “green” European countries, at least in terms…
  • Energia elettrica autoprodotta da COGENERAZIONE 7680000 Kwh
  • Energia termica autoprodotta da COGENERAZIONE 9880000 Kwh
  • Energia elettrica autoprodotta da SOLARIS POP 1400000 Kwh
  • Energia elettrica risparmiata da LED 260000 Kwh

Renewable Energy: a boom during the first semester of 2017 in Italy

ANIE Rinnovabili has recently released a note on the actual status of the installed Renewable Energy capacity in Italy. As ANIE remarks, during the first…

Hawaii will produce 100% clean energy by 2045

The Hawaii Public Utilities Commission has recently approved the HECO’s (Hawaiian Electric Companies) Power Supply Improvement Plan issued in December. This is an ambitious plan…

Talk is cheap: how G20 Governments are financing the climate disaster

“Talk is cheap. How G20 Governments are financing climate disaster”, this the title of a recent report (it has been published in these days, during the…

TOBAGO cerca nuovi commerciali per sviluppo interventi di efficienza energetica e impianti fotovoltaici nelle province di Mantova, Vicenza e Ravenna.

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