Renewable Energy: a boom during the first semester of 2017 in Italy

ANIE Rinnovabili has recently released a note on the actual status of the installed Renewable Energy capacity in Italy. As ANIE remarks, during the first semester of 2017 new 551 MW have been installed which means a +67% compared to the first semester of 2016.

Photovoltaic performance:

This press release is based on data collected from Terna, which is the Italian authority responsible for the electric grid. The data shows that in May there have been new PV installations for 95 MW, most of them from a 5-sections 63 MW plant in Montalto di Castro: this is one of the biggest power plants in Europe and it aims to produce totally in Market Parity.

For the photovoltaic technology, in June other 30 MW where added to total capacity, which combined with the installations from January to May mean 234 MW installed during the first semester, that is +16% compared to the first semester of 2016. In terms of units, the installed plants during this period have been 6% less than one year ago. Nevertheless, the solar home systems are still the majority of the total installed plants with a 42% share.

In terms of distribution, besides Italian region Lazio (where Montalto di Castro is located) the region which registered the biggest increase in the firs semester is Veneto, with 25 new MW connected to grid compared to the 19,2 MW during the same period of 2016. Also Toscana, Piemonte and Valle d’Aosta registered a significant increase.

Wind power performance:

ANIE also reports the status of the other technologies, id est wind power and hydroelectric. It is shown that in the first semester 278 MW of wind power have been connected, which represents a +167% compared to the first semester of 2016. Also the number of new installations has increased during this period, with 968 mini-wind power stations (from 20kW to 60kW) connected during the sole June. ANIE reckons this exploit in the wind power installations during June is mainly due to the effect of a ministerial decree approved last year which set a 30% lower tariff for the wind power starting form July 1st 2017.  Among the new installations, also a 18 MW plants has been connected. Finally, wind power units are clustered mainly in the southern regions (such as Puglia, where the 18 MW plant is located) where the wind potential is much higher than in the northern ones.


Also hydropower installations registered an increase both in terms of installed capacity and installed units, +46% and +21% respectively. About 52% of the new hydropower capacity consist of less than 1MW power stations, but ANIE highlights the in stallion of two 1.3 MW stations in the northern regions of Trentino Alto Adige and Valle d’Aosta.

In total, the elecriticity production from renewable sources counted for 44% over the total national production.

Concluding, the data by Terna remarks than despite the data for the first quarter of 2017 compared to the last one of 2016 was disappointing, the Renewable sector is now experiencing a new positive trend which can last for other months, as ANIE states.

You can read the press release and download the charts by clicking here.

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